Engineer's Voice

This is the voice of the engineer working actually in YM SYSTEMS.

Q: When you work, what is it always trying?

Our company is a small, but production is selling an image processor to many major companies. I'd like always to exert myself with awareness and pride as an expert aiming at the top by a lot of image processing manufacturers. There is a lot of build-to-order, so it's a motto to respond to the user's expectation. Of course, more ideas are added. After items were produced at the user's viewpoint using the equipment, when the user is glad, I'm happy!
The product making customers can have be satisfied = The product making with which I can be satisfied, too!

Q: What is fascinating to work as an engineer?

It's often more serious than a fascinating thing, isn't it? But when succeeding, the work by which I thought "It couldn't be possible." is impression.
It's dealing with an image understanding and image recognition, so the check and the measurement can be confirmed visually. When a difficult problem could be settled by its idea, it's best!

Q: The engineer image and the personality YM SYSTEMS asks?

* Thinking study for life
* Doesn't want to do the same thing as a person
* Be trusted from users
* A sense of responsibility with sincerity
* The close and the optimistic one
* The positive one
* Like communication
* Feeling is light lively

Q: Our YM SYSTEMS wonderful points!

Our President Yutaka Ikeda, Ph.D. is wonderful!

He's always studying modern technology. Engineer's paragon!

Female business technological staff is wonderful!

They are always cheerful, fine and work, the existence we should have.

It's challenge difficult work!

We challenge the twister competition manufacturer declines.

User request which doesn't seem done is wonderful!

It's related to progress of technical power to work on actual work.

The product making only YM SYSTEMS can do is wonderful!

A product of only one is born from the work to respond to the user's needs. Thank you!

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