President Greeting

Aiming at the leading enterprise of image processing which responds to the users' needs by intellectual creation!

Pioneer of image processing takes pride in our results and trust in 28 years.


YM SYSTEMS was established in 1981 as measurement and control, inspection systems manufacturer by image processing. There were FA needs already then, but the range of the positioning and the control, the check by product lines was performed by many workers by watch.
The image processing function of the human is very high. For example, it's possible to understand in the moment recognition with the shape and the color from distinction of an object and distinguish between good quality and defective products. But human concentration and processing power are limited, different from machines, and the reliability has doubt. So development of built-in good performance check equipments by image processing for watch was desired for labor-saving, speedup and quality assurance.
"Wasn't built-in check of products by image processing done?" I was consulted by many users, because I was an engineer concerned in work of measurement and control and also familiar with the image system. So I made practical use of the image processing check to which these technology was applied. I started new business taking this as an opportunity and endeavored to respond to the needs of diversified image processing checks. Corporate effort is continued, and, quarter of a century. It's a small company, but we keep contributing to industrial development through the users' product making and building of mechanical vision system of the various business categories.

High problem-solvong ability which draws the line with another company.

The built-in check by image processing is the fast-growing market where demand increases by the various business categories from the electrical industry to the food in recent years. Such needs, the image processor manufacturer which deals in software and general-purpose installation is increasing rapidly. Other ones won't be the point that customization offers the total solution which achieves the user's request of the in-house design of software and hardware application building including optical subsystem and analytical algorithm for our being different from those image processing manufacturers.
It's a manufacturer of image processing inspection system mainly, but we sometimes apply natural scientific law and phenomenon and have solved problems for the user. For example optical subsystem becomes very important by image processing, but our YM SYSTEMS also have the good record of performance which received a request from a major household electric appliance manufacturer, worked on joint development of light measurement equipment of main parts and supported the product making which connects with the world!
Thus the experience to which knowledge of the various fields can be applied as well as image processing and know-how are our advantage that we got much the user's trust as a think tank of a small number selection.

The merit of the automatic inspection system introduction directly connected with quality guarantee and trust.


The merit with the automation of testing system by image processing isn't only labor-saving and speeding. You can plan for quality guarantee of products by losing ill-balance of the defective product judgment which can't be avoided by watch checks. You get customer's trust by a perfect built-in check, and it would increase in order-receiving.
Recently, a concept as a traceability (production and circulation history) is esteemed. When you had the claim by which some defective product flowed out, the system building you do the follow-up check of something is desired for the one produced when, at which factory or the cause for that? It make record result analysis in storage media, and it's possible to leave a fixed period of time, so the automatic check equipment by image processing is also effective in a traceability.

Please consult with us about every kind of your problem. By the technical power we make impossibility possible.


When it was compared with the time we have begun to process the image of which, superior performance of a computer was developed by leaps and bounds, and its processing power also evolved into tens of thousands of times. The standard of the problem-solving ability the user asks from equipment manufacturers because a test object thing is proportional to these, and is also complicated increasingly. Even if the computer evolves, it isn't possible to utilize its ability to the full by general programming. But when doing high low-level programming with our YM SYSTEMS technology, it's possible to do image processing of usual several times.
We investigate the check level by the consideration sample product and submit a report to respond to all the user's needs. Before giving up with impossibility because it wasn't made of another company, please contact us by all means! Everybody's needs are the starting point of our product development.

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