During the present cyclical severe recession, high quality product making is desired for "trust" and "safety" as well as cost cutting.
We'd like to be useful to everybody who exerts yourself at a production site every day, therfore we make an effort to improve in the ability of technology.
We product equipments matched your's need which check the quality control of the food kinds and semiconductors of convenient electrical appliances , medical products in the daily life .

Please contact us any time first!

We will make a test check whether it's possible to every kind of one.
Inspection and a test report of a sample product have been submitted to you considering adoption of image processing check equipment in no charge.
*IT sometimes requires some costs by a case, so please accept it.
Consultation of the check contents!

We ask what kind of one you'd like to check, inspection item, check standard and conveyance state (linear speed and output rate) etc, while seeing your sample.
Inspection of the most suitable condition to bad samples!

We inspect the most suitable optical condition to check badness of your sample, what kind of, whether it can be checked makes a report.
Report and estimate!

We explain possibility of the check, an inspection method and a composition apparatus , and make an estimate to you.

Please make a contact to the sales department.

We took a patent(4505318th number of patent) about "three-dimensional shape measurement equipment,threee-dimensional shape measurement way and three-dimensional shape measurement program."

We'll also listen to your's demands now, and exert to offer better products.
Continuously, please pay attention!